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Admission -

Fee Structure

Fee Schedule

Academic Year Fees
F.Y.J.C Rs. 1061/-
B.A.-I Rs. 6680/-
B.Com-I Rs. 6680/-
B.M.S.-I Rs. 24480/-
B.C.A.-I Rs. 27680/-
B.M.M.-I Rs. 22530/-
M.COM-I Rs. 11630/-
M.A.-I Rs. 11630/-
  • This Fee Schedule is valid for academic year 2018-19 for changes thereafter, please contact our college office.
  • Fees for second / Third Year Degree, Post Graduate Courses will be conveyed to the students at the end of the first year.

Additional Fees

  • Add on Courses : Other : Rs. 3000/-

Eligibility Fees

  • For Degree Students coming from states other than Maharashtra & Gujarat : Rs. 250/-


  • A student, so desirous, should submit an application to the principal along with the original fee receipt for refund of the college fees. Fees, other than admission will be refunded if applied before the commencement of the term. No fees will be refunded after the term commences.
  • The Caution Money Deposits and the Library Deposit are Refundable to student leaving the college provided they are claimed within 6months from the date of leaving the college and no dues are payable by the student to the college.